As the only representative body for second-level students in the country, we are working hard to empower student councils so that they are true representatives of students across Ireland and can speak up for students on a range of important topics.

Established as recently as 2007, our organisation was formed by students, for students and is led by students.

But why bother?

School is the place where you spend the majority of your time.  It is the foundation of your education and where, hopefully, your will learn skills to last a life-time. It is perhaps the most important community, other than home, in which you participate and grow.

For many it is a positive experience, but for others it is something to be endured rather than enjoyed.

We want you involved in the decision-making process that affects your school life and education because we know it has huge benefits for you.  We also work very hard supporting students to get their views and opinions.

We can’t explain these benefits enough ...get involved to see for yourself.

How do we get involved?

Its simple really ...for your next student council meeting propose to put ISSU membership on the agenda and get in touch.  If you want a YouthConnect representative to come to your next student council meeting to discuss the benefits of ISSU membership, book in now.  You can also download an ISSU membership form directly.

Our friends

We have many friends who help us on our journey and this includes our recent partnership with YouthConnect.  Through their school programme they will help us to speak directly to students up and down the country. 

This will enable us to explain our Council of Schools which is an important network for students and is crucial to ensure the voices of all students gets heard.  It will also give us a great opportunity to find out what really makes student councils tick and what else we can be doing to make them work better.

Why not invite a YouthConnect champion along to your next meeting?  Click here

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