Student Council in Action

School STUDENT Councils

What is a student council?

A student council is a group of like-minded students, who are interested in how their school operates and committed to ensuring that every student has a say in their education, whether that is in their own school or at national level through the ISSU.

The student council works closely with the school community including the teaching staff, the principal, boards of management and parents’ groups for the benefit of all students and to ensure that every student can have a say in decisions affecting their education.

How do I get involved?

There is at least one, if not two, representatives from every year on the student council and they are usually elected to their position on an annual basis.

How can it help me?

Each representative is the eyes, ears and voice of every student whom they represent, so if you have an issue in school, talk to your class or year rep. and they can bring that issue to their meetings to discuss a satisfactory resolution for all.  For more information on this and other issues relating to student councils contact the Irish Second-Level Students' Union.



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