Youth Committee

A Youth Committee is a dedicated group of young trade union members who come together to discuss and debate current issues of interest to young people, working or not.  Membership of a Youth Committee usually involves a nomination process to it, by either election or selection.  Each affiliate operates under its own rules and constitution.

A number of affiliates have established Youth Committees to ensure the voice of their youngest members get heard and offers them the opportunity to openly debate policy issues and prioirities.  For instance, the CWU are currently working on formally establishing their Youth Committee which discusses issues of concern to young workers in the Communications sector which includes those working for a mobile phone operator, or a postal or courier service.

The Youth Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions is made up of young worker representatives from all our affiliated trade unions. The committee meets on a regular basis to discuss the crucial issues for young people and what actions are necessary to ensure their concerns are included on our agenda.  Our committee is currently under review and we are working towards making it more effective and engaging for young people.  Check back soon for further details on it and how to get involved.



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