It's not all about you... oh wait, it is!

Here at YouthConnect we always think about the issues concerning students and young people and with that in mind we have designed this programme specially for you.  It has been developed by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions in partnership with the Irish Second-Level Students' Union to inform students about their rights as students and workers.  It's all about YOU.

DO YOU know...

  • what rights you are entitled to in school and at work?
  • what a written statement of employment is and why it is important?
  • all workers are entitled to receive a payslip?
  • what the minimum wage rate is?
  • who is on your school student council and how it works?
  • the conditions in which your clothes and accessories are made?
  • how trade unions work?

YouthConnect will help you learn about and understand these and other issues which will be important during school and later when you start to work.  

There are plenty of ways to get more information and get more involved.  To get started check out the rest of the website to find out about our activities,  your student council and or let us know what is going on with you.

And there is more – we regularly invite students to take part in some of our competitions.  We have a whole host of things coming up soon, so check back regularly to see what is available.

We hope you like it!



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